Sunday, 18 June 2017

Gallifrey 1.1: Weapon of Choice by Alan Barnes (March 2004)

Another spin-off for me to waffle unrestrainedly about: this time it's Gallifrey, centring on political struggles among the higher echelons of Time Lords. That risks sounding dry almost immediately as I type it, so of course it's a move of typical maximum common sense - and typical maximum marketability - to foreground characters we already know and care about. Leading the cast in this instance is Lalla Ward's second incarnation of Romana (last seen in Warriors' Gate, though she's also popped up in The Apocalypse ElementShada, Neverland and Zagreus), and Louise Jameson's Leela, who of course is also on Gallifrey as of the endings of The Invasion of Time and Zagreus. The ending of that 40th anniversary extravaganza, in fact, went some way towards setting up this spin-off series, in leaving Gallifrey and Time Lord society in the capable hands of Romana, Leela, and - who else?! - K9 (strictly speaking, K9s). What followed only a few months later, in March 2004, is a set of stories exploring what happened next, with Neverland and Zagreus writer Alan Barnes sensibly tapped to write the launching point, Weapon of Choice