Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Broadchurch Series 3, Episode 8 by Chris Chibnall (2017)

A lot was riding on this final instalment of Broadchurch Season 3, from resolving the particular storyline at hand - the assault on Trish Winterman, the investigation into which has dominated the series since its opening story - to giving a satisfying sense of finality to the overall arc of the programme as a whole, from its very first episode in 2013 to Monday evening earlier this week. 

Wisely, showrunner Chris Chibnall chooses to spend more time on the former than the latter, ensuring that he spends more time tying up the loose ends of this particular case than in indulging in too much "one last farewell" type stuff that might've risked seeing the series finale get too bloated for its own good. There's a bit of that, inevitably, but for the most part he shows an admirable restraint here: look at that moment at the very end, where surely every viewer was willing Miller and Hardy to go to the pub together, into the proverbial sunset. But Chibnall keeps things grounded, realistic, and true to both their characters. Very nice work.