Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Broadchurch Series 3, Episode 7 by Chris Chibnall (2017)

The fact that Mark Latimer turns out to be alive after all, after the high drama ending of last week... isn't actually a disappointment, somewhat to my surprise. 

Plenty of suicide plans don't come off, for one thing, so there is a certain bathetic realism to it in that respect, but perhaps more importantly the Latimer storyline is much more interesting with a bitter, disappointed, broken Mark who thinks he is so terrible at life that he can't even kill himself properly than if we go back through the familiar motions of grief we've already seen them go through. The latter would be both too well-trodden ground in this particular series, but also a potentially too sizeable development this late in the game, as it could threaten to overshadow the ongoing investigation into the question of who attacked Trish.