Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Broadchurch Series 3, Episode 6 by Chris Chibnall (2017)

This week’s Broadchurch episode, the strongest so far, is all about people trying to escape the prisons they carry with them – and often finding that they can’t.

While Lenny Henry’s Ed Burnett spends the majority of the episode under police custody, brooding in an actual cell or a police interrogation room, and Joe Miller seeks to build a new life for himself in Liverpool to escape from his past, we also see quite how much Mark Latimer is unable to move on from the imprisonment that is his grief over his boy’s death… and how, eventually, he finds peace. The episode’s closing moments, which see Andrew Buchan putting in some of his best work as Mark, are terrifically written, shot and acted, bringing the story of the Latimers that stretches right back to the first season’s first episode to an awful climax right back on the same cliff where it all began – even down to the same camerawork.