Tuesday, 14 February 2017

5 ways to improve "Class" (2016-) if it gets a second season

When the latest Doctor Who spin-off series was first announced back in October 2015, the initial reaction ranged from scepticism to outright hostility.
By the time Class launched online on BBC Three last autumn, following a promising trailer and confirmation that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor would be appearing, fans seemed slightly more welcoming.
However, the eight episodes failed to attract viewers on BBC iPlayer and by the time it belatedly arrived on BBC One last month, the channel buried it in the schedules with late-night double-bills (finishing past midnight) and a shameful lack of publicity. Inevitably the BBC One ratings were dismal even compared to the slot’s usual averages.
The cast of Class and the show’s creator, YA author Patrick Ness, have openly discussed hopes and plans for a second season, but the show’s only hope of a recommission at this point rests on an extremely positive reception when it airs on BBC America in the US in April.
Worryingly, the fact that BBC America has sat on the episodes for over seven months before airing them, having initially announced Class as a prominent fixture of its 2016 line-up, hints at a similar lack of faith in the series that’s been demonstrated by the BBC in the UK.
While the first season was definitely flawed and allowed significant room for improvement in many areas, it’d be a great shame if it was all we saw of Class – and not just because we’d never get a resolution to that Weeping Angels cliffhanger.
The forthcoming departure of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Class executive producers Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin need not necessarily impact whether or not we get more Class. After all, RTD-era spin-offs like Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventure both continued into the Moffat/Smith era with continued success.
However, if Class does get a second season in 2017 (or, more likely, in 2018 unless the greenlight comes very hastily from BBC America this spring), here are five ways the show could develop…
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