Friday, 27 January 2017

5 ways to make Broadchurch (2013-2017) must-see TV again

Within the next few weeks Broadchurch will be back on our screens for its third and final season, before creator Chris Chibnall vworps out of the ITV offices and lands in Cardiff to start making Doctor Who Series 11. After Broadchurch Series 2 was something of a disappointment, we take a look at five ways Chibnall and co. can ensure Series 3 sees the nation’s favourite crime drama go out with a bang.

1: A new case
One of the most common complaints about Series 2 was that, in needing to deal with the fallout of Joe Miller’s murder of Danny Latimer (and the subsequent trial) as well as delving into the lingering Sandbrook case of Alec Hardy’s past, there was very little time for any of those urgent, as-it-happens set pieces we got in Series 1, where the whole thing was driven forward by the immediacy of the events. Chibnall has promised a brand-new case for Series 3 to keep things fresh, so fingers crossed that he gives the audience what we want: more along the lines of showing, in dramatic and mournful fashion, just how a single incident can tear a community apart. Arthur Darvill has already said “this series has more of the feel of the first stories”. Good stuff.

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